Work With Me

Work With Me

You can’t sell to an empty room”.  As the saying goes.  And I agree.  You want to create a room (in real life or online) that’s packed full of ideal clients.  And, the last thing you want is a packed room full of less than ideal clients.

You want to create a room where that when you’ve got something to sell, you’ve got a room full of people who are ready to buy from you.

And whilst we’re talking about rooms.  What about the room that has all your existing clients hanging out in. Are you making sure that you’re keeping the conversations going.  And generating repeat business?

My fives most popular areas I work in are:

Marketing Strategy – Helping you get clear and confident on what you offer, who you want to attract and work with and how you’re going to attract your ideal clients.

Content Strategy – I’m about getting intentional with your content marketing.  Step away from the hamster wheel of random posting on social media.  And focus on content that aligns with your business goals.  And will keep on working for you longer than 24 hours.

Email Marketin – Often overlooked, but one of the key ways to build a marketing platform and channel that YOU own and control.  Escape the worries of the algorithm and create a list you own.  And a great channel to convert an audience into paying clients.

Loyalty and Retention – What’s your strategy for your existing clients and customers?  Do you have one?  If not, let’s work together to create one.  Did you know it costs 7 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one?

Business Mentor – If you’ve got grand plans to launch, grow or scale your business and you’d like a business mentor to work alongside you to fast track your success, then with 10 years of running multiple businesses (product, service and premise based businesses) then let’s chat.

From power hours to a full strategy days and everything in-between.  Have my eyes and experience solely on your business.

Join me in-person at one of my training workshops, at a group strategy day or become a part of one my accountability groups.

You know the benefits of email in your business? but you never find the time to do it.  No worries, let me help you do it for you.  

Free email Marketing Workbook

You know the benefits of email marketing but you’re just not sure how to get started?  Or how to keep going?

I’m here to help with my free 5 top tips to grow and nurture your email list.