Providing marketing support and training to independent product, service and premise based businesses. Helping you get seen, get heard and bought from. Time and time again.

Hello, I'm Sam

I’m a straight-talking marketing consultant and trainer, working with independent business owners to launch and grow their businesses.

So whether you’ve got a product, service or premise based business, I’m here to make sure you feel clear and confident on not only setting your marketing strategy.  But delivering on it too.

Say goodbye to spray and pray marketing and hello to an intentional plan where you’re clear on what you offer, who you want to attract in to your business, which marketing channels you need to be focusing on and how you’re going to convert your audience.  Time and time again.  

I’m here to walk by your side however and whenever you need access to marketing expertise.  

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Sam Dixon Marketing

I Hear You

It’s noisy out there right? Do you find it a challenge to get your business seen and heard? With so many ways to increase your visibility and get infront of potential and existing customers,  it can feel overwhelming on where to focus your marketing efforts.

Starting and growing a business can be challenging.  And knowing what to say, who to say it to and where to hang out can feel like a minefield.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of spray and pray marketing.  And dabbling with a bit of this and that.

I get it. You’re a business owner who has so many ideas to launch and grow your new or established business but lack the knowledge, confidence or accountability to take meaningful action and have a strategy and a plan that you can confidently stick to.

Perhaps you’ve been in business for a while and frankly you’re tired of constantly finding new clients and customers. You know there’s more you could be doing to create loyalty, repeat business and advocacy in your business. But you’re just not sure where to start.

If you’ve found yourself feeling this way, let’s have a chat to see how I can help you fast track your marketing success.  

There are a whole number of ways to work with me.  Either one to one, as part of a group or at one of my in-person training workshops.  

Popular Ways Of Working

There are plenty of ways to decide how much Sam Dixon you need in your business.  Take your pick as to how you’d like my knowledge and support.  Work with me 1:1 – everything from power hours, to full strategy days and ongoing coaching and consulting.  Let’s work together as part of a group, either at one of my various in-person workshops or my ongoing accountability and networking groups.  Or if you’d like me to take care of your email marketing business, hand it over to me and I’ll do the rest. 

From power hours to a full strategy days and everything in-between.  Have my eyes and experience solely on your business.

Join me in-person at one of my training workshops, at a group strategy day or become a part of one my accountability groups.

You know the benefits of email in your business? but you never find the time to do it.  No worries, let me help you do it for you.  

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Do you need a little help, guidance and inspiration on how to grow an engaged email list?  

Maybe you started sending more emails but your email list has plateaued.  Drop your details below and I’ll send over a copy of my free and valuable workbook with top 5 tips on how to grow and nurture your email list.  


Free email Marketing Workbook

You know the benefits of email marketing but you’re just not sure how to get started?  Or how to keep going?

I’m here to help with my free 5 top tips to grow and nurture your email list.